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Phase 1 of the restoration 1989 to 1999

This was what Owl looked like when Jim and Sue bought it.  The boat was moored at Sileby.

After Foxton Boat Services sold Owl, the boat passed through a succession of private owners.  In 1989 Owl was in a very sorry state.

Work had begun on remedial measures, but the task of much needed restoration was beyond the resources of the then owner.

We were offered a very dilapidated Owl together with a rare 25hp Seffle semi diesel engine. 

We swapped our new 38' Springer for Owl together with the Seffle and began to rescue and restore the boat.

The most urgent task was to replace the rotten elm bottom with a steel baseplate.

A 10' cabin was added

With Owl came a rare 25hp Seffle semi diesel engine.

This Seffle was one of four rebuilt engines imported from Sweden in 1956 by Willow Wren. 

Our Seffle was originally fitted in Avocet, Jack Monk's old boat.

Jack took a great interest when he learnt that "his" engine was to be given a new lease of life.  

For ten years we used Owl as a more or less unconverted boat.  The cabin extension housed a small bedroom and galley.

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