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The 25hp Seffle

Originally Owl was fitted with a 15 hp Bolinder. When we bought Owl it had a Lister HA3 which we replaced with a 25hp semi diesel Seffle.

Jim and Tim starting the Seffle in 1992

One of Tim's illustrations showing Sam starting his Seffle.

This was our first view of the Seffle as it sat in a derelict Owl at Sileby

The 44hp Kelvin K2

Kelvins were never fitted in working boats.  Their rugged reliability and excellent engineering made them favourites for North Sea fishing boats, but they were far too expensive for narrowboats.

The Northern Lighthouse Board put Kelvin twin cylinder K2 engines into 12 lighthouses to charge up the foghorns. 

Each lighthouse had three engines – two in use and one on standby.  They received relatively light use – about 500 hours per year and were regularly serviced and lovingly maintained. 


In the late 80s the lighthouses were automated and the Kelvins were no longer required.  Many were destroyed and one or two found their way into museums.  The Kelvin in Owl came from Langness Lighthouse on the Isle of Man.  It was taken and dumped at the Laxey Heritage centre and would, no doubt, have ended up as scrap had not Phil Trotter of RWDavis, Saul,  rescued and rebuilt it.

For information and pictures of the Lighthouse Kelvins follow  links.

Kelvins were used to charge foghorns like this one.  Our Kelvin came from Langness on the Isle of Man.

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