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Phase 2 of the restoration 1999 to 2009

In 1999 Warwickshire Flyboat Co added a full length undercloth conversion.  This method of retaining the shape of the cloths is now a common method of restoring ex-working boats.  It allows full use to be made of the space for leisure purposes, whil;e still retaining something of the essence of the boat in its carrying days.  Owl was one of the first to have this kind of conversion.  The work was done by Graeme Pearce at Warwickshire Flyboat Co. 

Fitting a Kelvin K2 and reconstructing the back cabin

The Kelvin K2 was restored by RW Davies.  It came from a lighthouse on the Isle of Man.


Construction of steel undercloth conversion

The bulkheads for the new cabin are in place.

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